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riSpekt Media was created from a personal experience where some of my family members could not attend the funeral of a cherished relative. I offered to record the service and share it with those who were not in attendance. The powerful effect of that recording was the springboard for my business. I knew I had found an important niche solution for a situation that could potentially touch all of us.

riSpekt Media is the extension of a decades-long career in the media industry as an award-winning television producer. I am now humbled by the ability to provide affordable and meaningful experiences for my customers and their families, friends and colleagues. And from my experience I have learned that riSpekt Media’s videos become a treasured keepsake, allowing all participants to view their events numerous times to ensure that all those special moments are never forgotten.     

Thank-you for your and your team’s excellent work live-streaming my Dad’s Memorial service. Thanks to you, our family across the country were able to experience the service together. Those who joined remotely fully experienced (with ease) the beauty of the venue, the music and the pictures and speeches in a professional presentation. Thank you for letting us be together.

-Doug P.

“We were referred to Dean through the funeral home and although we did not know what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised and very grateful for Dean’s expertise and professionalism. Losing a loved one is difficult enough without having the added pressure of having to arrange for live streaming. Dean guided us through the process and knew exactly what we needed. The final result was amazing and
greatly appreciated by friends and family from around the world.”

-Len K.

Thank you for providing the live-steaming services for my wife’s funeral. We greatly appreciated your patience, preparation and professionalism. The funeral service and interment presented was tasteful, elegant and appropriately reflected our wishes. We are very pleased with the production. The quality is very professional. Due to it’s presentation family members frequently commented that the video allowed them to feel like they were present. We are so grateful that you made it possible for family and friends far away to participate in her service. That meant so much to us! With sincere thanks…

-Errol V.

Only fifteen members of our family live in Canada, so when my wife passed away, we were faced with the daunting task of how to share her graveside service with family members in four time zones and friends in seven additional time zones.  
We decided to livestream her service and our funeral home recommended that we use riSpekt media.
From our first phone call to riSpekt media to the final edited link of the graveside service, the service we received from riSpekt was above and beyond what we had expected in communication, expertise, and quality of finished product.
I had hoped that 200 of our friends and relatives around the world would view the livestream and over 400 did.  
Days after the livestream of the graveside service, I continued to receive from family members and friends praise for the clarity of voice and the quality of picture.  
I am glad that for such an important occasion we used a professional service.  
I highly recommend that you use riSpekt for your media needs.

-Dave D

Words can't describe how grateful we are that you helped make my grandmother's funeral so special. We have received many calls and messages from family and friends around the world how they have seen virtual funerals but nothing like my grandmother's. I know that we had many questions, additions/changes and appreciate your patience and honesty. Also appreciate you working with the funeral home to reduce stress and make us feel supported during this time.

-Christina M.

I am writing this short note to let you know how thankful our family is for the professionalism the riSpekt Media team demonstrated in covering my Mom’s funeral. Right from the get-go, we were fortunate as we immediately felt confident in your team’s ability to do a great job. We were so grateful that you knew exactly how to walk us, and our online guests, as novices, through this experience. Your team’s ability to interact with the Church staff was also noticed. The entire experience was seamless and positive from start to finish. If there is one positive that COVID has left us, it is an acceptance by society to take advantage of technology. Through your expertise and conscientiousness, you facilitated the
opportunity for many close family and friends who were a large part of Mom’s life, to say goodbye gracefully. This is a uniquely precious gift to grant to a grieving family.

-Linda J.

We really appreciate all that you have done considering the current restrictions on gatherings. Videoing the funeral service and making it available to friends and family was perfect. We were able to include everyone who was unable to attend due to the restrictions on gatherings as well as people who were in other countries. We were amazed at how many times the video was viewed, both during the live service, and afterwards. Also, having a permanent video that can be accessed any time was a huge bonus. The team was professional and we wanted to thank you for making all of this possible.

-Brenda S.

My grandmother recently passed away, and we were given a card from the funeral home for riSpekt Media to webcast the funeral service during the covid pandemic. To be very honest, our family was skeptical and unsure about the process and were concerned at the thought of having cameras present
during a very intimate and vulnerable time.

My cousin and I worked directly with Dean, and I could not have been more happy with his patience and attention to detail. He got back to us in such a timely manner, he was very kind and respectful throughout our numerous questions and requests. The day of the service, we were very impressed with
how unobtrusive the cameras actually were, and how mindful they were of our family's desire to remain as private as possible.
The quality of the stream was extremely professional, and they were able to switch from live streaming to videos, and included music and subtitles. It honestly took our family's breath away, and we were so pleased with the outcome. We received countless comments from friends and family about the quality of the stream.
We are truly grateful that Dean and the team at riSpekt did our service. Not only did it help the immediate family's grieving process, but also helped family all around the world from the UK and India with their grief as well. My grandmother touched the hearts of so many, and Dean was able to capture and share our celebration of her life. Thank you so much Dean, and to your team. I cannot tell you how
much we appreciated all of your hard work.

-Megan T.

Thank you very much for putting this together for us and for making it a possibility for us to share this moment with my family from around the world.
I appreciate your wonderful customer service and kind words throughout this entire process.

-Diane R.

What a great job your team did today. The camera angles, quality and sound were absolutely perfect. Many of my moms’ friends and relatives were not able to attend, so to have this option was great. Thanks again to all and pass that on to the guys who were there doing the work.

-Greg W.

Thank you so much Dean, I have received many messages from family out of province and country. They felt like they were there with us. The quality was very good. It brought so many of us together and most important, senior relatives and friends, who could not have made the trip, were able to see it, at their time. My Dad’s younger sister, Helen, is in a nursing home and this means so much to her. You made the process so easy for me and then did your magic.
Again, thank you so much.

-Sharon S.

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