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Weddings are lively, joyous, elegant, beautiful, sometimes raucous, hysterically humorous events and you want everyone to see, hear and feel the experience – even if they can’t be there.  We can do that.     From the walk down the aisle to the first dance to the bouquet toss, cake cutting, speeches and the final farewell, we bring those special moments, in the moment, to your guests who cannot attend.

Your livestream does not need to be watched live.  Your video is available for 90 days following the event. riSpekt Media also offers a keepsake version that is downloadable and easily shared through a private link.

Your livestream connection can be private or made public. How you want to share it is up to you.  The wedding can only be viewed by those who have been invited with an unlisted link. You have complete control over viewing preferences.  

For your wedding, riSpekt Media


  • Experienced crews who ensure a stress-free day    

  • Professional video from multiple cameras.

  • Our robotic cameras are extremely discrete

  • Crystal clear professional audio

  • Seamless integration of pre-recorded video messages, PowerPoint presentations and slideshows

  • Ability to use copyrighted music without it being blocked online by Facebook and YouTube.

  • Personalized custom webpage that you can share with family and friends which gives them access to the live (and recorded) video as well as a place to leave personal messages.

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